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Aries New Moon April 1st

Aries new moon on Friday April First! It’s no joke. ? This new moon gives us the momentum to initiate anything new! Aries is famous for its courage, passion, and “grab a bull by its horns attitude”.

Anything we’ve been putting off all winter or even the past few years, now’s a good time to break from those negative cycles. Winter and especially with the pandemic we’ve cloistered ourselves away and may have become a bit stagnant. Aries and the spring energy it brings reminds us to emerge from that stagnant energy and go out and be playful and be beautiful and shine like the first spring flowers.

It’s a good time to do candle rituals, burn a candle for the new moon or do a meditation ritual. (Green Tara, who represents nature, youth and play, comes to mind for both). When you start your ritual be sure to write down your request and give it up to the Holy Spirit, Buddhas, Saints or whoever you’re closest to.

❤️Love Peace and Blessings to you all❤️

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