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Pisces Full Moon Saturday 9/10 and Mercury Retrograde !

The Pisces Full Moon this Saturday is a time for many blessings! Pisces is the most psychic and spiritual sign that brings up subtle energies, subtle minds, subtle thoughts, the subconscious etc. Things that we don’t normally think about in our day to day life will start coming to the surface during this time. Hidden things will become seen. Your intuition and psychic energies may also be at a height during this period.

The Mercury Retrograde during this period will also make compound Pisces’ energy. Mercury is the planet of communication, and in retrograde communication and speech can go a little haywire, pushing us even deeper inside ourselves. This mixed with Pisces inward nature can be jarring for some, bringing up some deep emotions.

This full moon period calls us to look deep inside ourselves and see who we are and what we truly want in our lives. If we aren’t in alignment with our spiritual path this moon may make us uncomfortable as we see clearly all that makes us unhappy. We just have to always remember we our loving children of God and to focus on the path of love and compassion, towards ourselves and others. This is how we can realign our energies towards God, the Universe, Buddhas, Saints, Angels, Etc. We have to remember that we our always blessed and all the tools we need are available to us. We just have to only ask!

Be Blessed!

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