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How to do Candle Rituals

What are Candle Rituals?

The real purpose of burning candles for ritual is to focus your intentions.  At Augustine’s we call our products, “intention focusing tools.”  This means that the outcome is derived by your intentions and the energy put into the candle rather than the candle itself.  The candle in itself is not doing anything, your MIND  and Spirit is energizing the candle.   The candle is your conduit & Mind focusing tool.

When starting any ritual, the idea is to focus your mind & spirit into the desired outcome.   You do not necessarily have to use candles, some people take spiritual baths, do ritual washing of their homes, work with crystals & stones, etc.  Some people prefer  to use a combination of tools such as candles, incense, washes, baths, crystals, stones, sprays, mojo bags, etc. Although we always recommend you to start all rituals with a cleansing smudge of white sage.

Why use candles?

Candles are a very ancient tool that have been around since the dawn of civilization.   They have been convenient, easy to make, find, and use.   Our ancestors, when doing spiritual rituals, would use whatever was convenient in their surroundings.  (this also goes for herbs too).  It’s not like in the movies, where they would have to go find the rarest items from the opposite corners of the earth.

Other than the convenience, candles have strong symbolism to us humans.  Campfires and Candles make us feel warm, protected, and safe.  In spirituality, the flame of a candle is unique because it’s pure energy.  It gives off heat & light but we cannot physically touch the flame.  It symbolizes transcendence, turning matter into energy & being in multiple states of existence at once.   This makes candle work a natural and ideal tool for us to use make our connections with the universe.

Practically speaking, when we focus our intentions into a candle, the candle symbolically continues to work on that issue, burning through the wax (i.e. our intention) until it’s completion.  The spirit of the candle will continue working for us even when our mind is not focused on the issue.  When we return to the ritual space, we also are reminded and refocused on the energy that we have put into that candle.   Candles are great tools for assisting us with self empowerment in our lives. Intentions like burning a candle for a prosperity, love, sex, health, protection, assist us to focus our mind on manifesting our intentions.

Candle Ritual Specifics

How to choose a Candle for your Intention

Candle colors are very symbolic to the type of work you want to do with the candle.

White: Peace, uncrossing, blessings, purity, healing, God Communication

Red: Creativity, Sex, Victory, Love, Affection, Passion, Vigor. Energy

Purple:  Power, Mastery, Ambition, Pathway to Prayer, Self Worth, Uplift Mood

Violet-Purple: Amethyst color, higher consciousness, protection, angelic frequency, Cleanse Toxins, Mental Functions, Spiritual Communication

Pink:   Unconditional Love, Self-Love, Drawing Success, Soothes Depression

Green: Love, Nature, Immortality, Healing, Vitality, Money (at least in the US) & Success, Heart Chakra, Past Visions

Light Blue; Tactful Communication, Sending messages, Immediate Future

Blue: Communication,  Success, Protection, Peace, Harmony, Joy, Earth Healing, Near Future, Send Energy

Royal Blue:  Connection between physical and non-physical reality, far future, release, deprogramming, Receiving Messages

Yellow: Understanding, Fear, Devotion, Prayer, Stills the Mind,  Absorption, Ego

Gold: Archangels, God-Mind, Prayer, Healing, Forgiveness

Orange: Truth, Creativity, Open the way, Increase Fertility

Brown:  Grounding energy (especially if you feel unsettled), Manifestation, Present Time

Black: Underworld, absorb negative energy, Represents Unknown, Confusion, Vortex, Wormhole

Silver: Connection to Angelic realm, Higher consciousness, Protection, Purification, Future visions, Reflection

Understanding the Candle

When praying or meditating with your candle it is useful to observe the flame, the presence of smoke, the color, the smell, and if the glass is changing color.

Here are some ways people decipher the meaning behind the candle’s action (or candle language).

After First Lighting the Candle

1)If it emits black smoke after you first light it, it can be a sign that the candle is helping remove negative energy.

2)If it emits white smoke after you first light it,   there may be some purification needed.

3) If the flame is strong, it’s a good indication that the candle is working, and bringing power to your intention.

4) If the flame is weak, the candle is experiencing resistance to remove an obstacle, or to bring positive energy to your intention.

5) A jumping flame indicates there may be a intese energy at work in regards to your attention

6) If the candle starts making a crackling noise, immediate attention needs to be focussed into the intention.

Reading the Glass as the Candle Burns

1) If the candle glass burns clear, that means there was very little opposition to your intention

2)If the candle glass burns black, can mean high levels of  energy is going into removing blockage, or there is opposition against your intention (Don’t worry, you can still persevere, you just need to put more energy into your ritual).

3) If the candle glass burns black, but gets clear towards the bottom, it means the candle has worked to clear the resistance or opposition.

4)  If the glass finishes cloudy white there could be a cloud of confusion, doubt, worry, fear. blocking the intention. Another candle needs to be burned.

Smoke Patterns in the Glass

In the smoke patterns in the glass, you can see different animals, stars, planets, angels, faces, esoteric symbols, etc.  If you see anything recognizable in the smoke patterns, feel free to look up the meaning (if you don’t already know).  These shapes can help further detail your situation and possibly what further work that needs to be done.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to comment below and we’ll answer back as soon as possible!


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  1. aprilcmartinez76

    Good morning,

    I am now living in Texas. I am having a hard time finding a reputable shop in Houston. I wanted to purchase some items today from your site for a Summer Solstice and New Moon ritual on the 20th and 21st. Do you think my items will arrive within time?

    Thank you,


      For the website, usually it’ll take about a week to process and ship the package. We can’t guarantee the post office’s speed, but to Texas it’s previously been 3-5 days for shipping. If you need something in a hurry next time, you can always call the shop during business hours and ask for an expedited delivery. We’ll be happy to take your order over the phone in those situations.

  2. I have purchased the spell breaker candle two times now and the wick of the candle won’t stay on when it hits the middle of the candle. I light it, it barely stays lit then it’s out in a few minutes. Could I receive some advice on how to allow this candle to stay lit for this current candle I have and in the future when I purchase? Thank you


      Thank you for contacting us, Luis. Many times if there’s issues with a candle there’s another spiritual issue at work. You can try cleansing the house or the altar space first. Also, we’d be happy to give you a phone consultation. Please give us a call at 773-843-1933 during business hours. Ask for Charles or Anna. Peace & Blessings.

      1. hi good morning to i have been lighting my candles and it have been burning clear no dark smoke can u tell me if it’s okay or if there have any blockage or problems


          If they’ve been burning clear with a strong flame, it sounds like there’s not too much opposition or blockages in the way of your intention. You can give us a call at 773-843-1933 if you have more questions. Charles or Anna may be able to provide more details. Peace & Blessings.

  3. Good morning sir, please I need to discuss with you privately. Can you give me your personal or private mail address or tel number to contact you sir.
    Thank you sir


      You can send an e-mail to, if you have any questions. Peace & Blessings.

  4. I sent an email to with some questions I had in regards to one of your spell candles. I wasn’t sure if that was an up to Date email or not so I’m following up here in case it’s not.

    Thank you kindly for your time.

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