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9/29 Fall Harvest Supermoon in Aries!

Friday the 29th, is the Fall Harvest Supermoon in Aries! This is the 4th and final Supermoon of 2023! A supermoon occurs when the moon is orbiting at its closet, making the moon look extra large. The Sun will be in Libra and the Moon will be in Aries.

The full moon energy will be about bringing balance between these two signs. So the theme next week will be about bringing up the awareness and need to foster healthy relationships, while still being authentic to ourselves (i.e. no compromises). Thoughts related to this may be, “How do I have intimate relationships without being codependent”, or “Am I giving up an important part of myself to “please” others or fit others expectations?”

On the Astronumerlogical side, the Sun is 6 degrees in Libra and the Moon is 6 degrees in Aries. 6 is the number of love, healing, and the home. With Aries being the 1st Cardinal sign mixed with Libra’s Venus energy this is also a time to focus on balance and relationships at home, with an emphasis on new beginnings! (ie Aries starting a new cycle).

Peace and Blessings! ❤️

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