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Mojo Services and Consultations

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Mojo Services

Altar Service w/ Reading and Report

Augustine’s provides altar services for candles to be burned on our private altar.  The altar is continuously being charged and cleansed by our team of practitioners, creating a very active energy for transformation.    If you choose this service, we will energize the candle with your intention, light it, and tend to the candle as needed.  Sometimes candles work extra hard to burn through blockages, and we help assist through this process.  We also will provide a progress report on the candle, when you call us.  We will also provide photos of the candle’s progress.  If you are interested in this service please choose a candle from our candle selection and choose the “Altar Burning Service” option, or give us a call! The cost is $25 per candle plus cost of candle.

Candle Dressings

Candle Dressings are meant to heighten the power of the ritual, prayer, or meditation you are performing with the candle.  We dress our candles with herbs, roots, incense, and home-brewed Hoodoo/Spiritual Oils.  We have a standard dressing for $10 but with our $25 the works dressing, we bring out all our rarest oils, herbs, and roots.    Most of our candles can be equipped with special dressings, and you can choose them when you select a candle in our store section.  Don’t hesitate to call us if you have more questions!

Mojo Bags

Mojo bags are derived from a mixture of Native American and Yoruba African folk traditions.  They are also similar to medicine bags in some Native American traditions.  These leather bags are mixed with herbs, stones, crystals, mojo beans, oils, and other ingredients, and charged, blessed and sealed by our Mojo master.  The bags can be carried, worn, or placed in houses/businesses depending on the purpose.  Many people use them to help with tough issues regarding protection, love/romance, money, or healing.  Mojo Bags start at $50.  Please call us if you have more questions!

Special Mojo Bottle

Mojo bottles are similar to Mojo Bags, except they are reserved for the most difficult cases.  Special attention is given to these bottles and are specially charged by a Mojo master.  Bottles and roots come direct from our Mojo master’s home island.  Mojo Bottles start at $350.

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Angel Readings

Angel Readings allow you to tap into angelic frequencies around you.   We as humans  are born with a crew of guides and angels who help us throughout our life.  Angel Readings help make us more aware of these guides and helps empower us to work with angelic frequencies.  They help with understanding our life’s focus and guide us to experience our true essence no matter what we do in this life.

Soul Language Readings

Soul language is channeling the language of your own soul and the holy spirit through you.  It is the language of your Higher Holy Self.  It is used for healing of all sorts. The sound of the chanting itself can help release blockages in your spiritual energy/chakras.  It can also be used to communicate with holy spirit/universal energy to better understand issues within your life.

Rune Readings

Channeling ancient wisdom from Northern Europe, the runes are stones or bones with ancient Norse written on them. They have the wisdom of ancient mythological stories that guide them.   Runes can be used for meditation or to open up psychic awareness.  Rune readings can help give you insight on day to day issues, job, money, romance etc. or can be used to help understand your spiritual purpose.

Akashic Soul Readings

What are the Akashic Records?

It’s the past you haven’t seen yet.  In quantum physics everything is in the past including what you think is the future.  We call it the future past.  This is why the so-called future can be accessed, because it has already happened.

The Akashics are records of thoughts, events, and emotions that reside in the mind of the holy spirit, quantum space,or Christ consciousness.  The loving energy of the Akashic records are a powerful tool for self-exploration and empowerment.

Reading and understanding the Akashic records of your soul, helps you gain valuable insight on your soul’s journey or path.  It can help you heal from past karma or trauma.  It assists you with removing stagnation from past experiences and can move you forward to present experiences.

By better understanding your soul’s journey, you can grow in your current life and be who God and the universe meant you to be.  A Holy loving child of your creator.

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