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9/29 Fall Harvest Supermoon in Aries!

Friday the 29th, is the Fall Harvest Supermoon in Aries! This is the 4th and final Supermoon of 2023! A supermoon occurs when the moon is orbiting at its closet, […]

Aries New Moon April 1st

Aries new moon on Friday April First! It’s no joke. ? This new moon gives us the momentum to initiate anything new! Aries is famous for its courage, passion, and […]

Venus Moves Direct in Capricorn

Venus Goes Direct Today! After more than a month Venus finally moves forward in Capricorn. Venus affects our relationship with our-self and others. The retrograde may have caused us to […]

Saint Dymphna for Mental and Emotional Help

Greetings, it’s Jeff Blake here with blog entry. Today’s teaching will be on Saint Dymphna. Saint Dymphna is an obscure, little known Catholic Saint who assists in healing those who […]

Ogun the Blacksmith

Greetings, it’s Jeff here, with another blog entry, on Ogun. Ogun, the blacksmith surrenders to god when smithing-a Yoruba saying.  Right now let us take a closer look at an […]

How to use a Spell Breaker

Greetings, everyone, this is Jeff Blake, with a look at the ‘Spell-Breaker’ Candle.  What a cool name, like something out of a D&D game.  Yet, it is a simple and practical […]

Angels, Beings of Light and Love

Greetings from Jeff B. Today we’ll be talking about Angels. Angels have always kept an eye on humanity. Messengers, guardians, and servants of the supreme being, they have been featured […]

Release the Stress

Greetings and welcome! It’s Jeff Blake with another how-to blog. Today we’ll be talking about spiritual release work. Release, verb 1. Allow or enable to escape from confinement; set free.  […]

How to do Spiritual Cleansing

Hello, and greetings, this is Jeff B. with another dive into the sea of mystery.  At this time let us look into ‘Spiritual Cleansing’.  This is a basic act that […]

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