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Customer Testimonials

There is something so significant and profound having the owner of Augustine’s guide me through my journey of healing, self awareness and awakening. I love Carolyn for her beauty, awareness and healing she brings into my lifes journey. She is such a beautiful spirit and guide ….. frequently just “being” in Carolyn’s shop while she is there offers an incredible peace & feeling of healing it is a truly a spiritual experience ♥ I feel extremely fortunate to have the owner, the spiritual soul and spirit of Augustine’s be a part of my life. Feeling truly blessed! Thank you Carolyn !

-Shannon N.

Very lovely place and definitely more than I expected and it has very high quality items. I bought a couple necklaces and a bracelet and a dream catcher from there and I love them! Definitely recommend this place!

-Benjamin H.

I moved to Bridgeport a year ago last month , I was very lost and far away from everything that I had known for pretty much my whole life and then I found this Magical place and spoke to a super nice man named Stitch and for the 1st time I felt comfortable in my new surroundings , I haven’t been able to spend as much time as I would like due to health issues but just knowing it is there gives me comfort and I will return asap … Goddess Bless )O(

Rita S.

Augustine’s is a great place to pick up spiritual books, candles ,stones etc.. Above all it’s a great place to learn and meet wonderful happy and joyful people. A great place to start your way on to the course in Miracles with Rev. Carolyn Hennes ACIM teacher.

-Gloria A.

My favorite store in the city. Staff is incredibly knowledgeable and always happy to help. The prices are reasonable and they have an amazing selection of crystals as well as some absolutely stunningly gorgeous jewelry.

-Lexi W.

This is a wonderful establishment with excellent energy. I cannot say enough good things about this shop or the persons within, Always courteous and helpful- pure magick

-Chuck W.

I like this place as it’s a ‘New Age’ shop run by people who were doing the ‘New Age’ thing before it was called that. They have the knowledge and ability to help you here plus the pricing is reasonable!

-Jesse W.

What’s not to love about a place where you can be free to explore and learn! The staff is delightful and offers so much information. You can find anything that you need and more. Bonus: you’ll have a conversation that sparks a fire inside of you!

Nikole K.

The owners were the sweetest most helpful characters I’ve encountered in my whole life!! They were kind enough to answer all of my questions and cater to all of my needs. I walked out with several candles, oils, incense and herbs. Not to mention cute jewelry. definitely recommend, such a positive vibe and experience.

Nicole I.

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